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Monday: 1830-2000

Tuesday & Thursday: 1830-2000 - 2000-2130

Saturday: 0900-1030

Weightlifting / Olympic Lifting classes are open to all abilities of lifter. The sport of Olympic Lifting focuses on two lifts, the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. 

Both of these lifts are great for developing strength, speed, coordination, athleticism, flexibility and more! 

Book for a free taster session to give Olympic Lifting a go!



Monday: 1830-2000

Tuesday & Thursday: 1830-2000 - 2000-2130

Saturday: 0900-1030

If your goal is to shift as much weight as humanly possible, then Powerlifting is for you! Powerlifting focuses on Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift as the three competition lifts. 

Book for a free taster session to give Powerlifting a go! 

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Monday: 2000-2130

Wednesday & Friday: 1830-2000

Sunday: 0900-1100

The sport of strongman is widely considered the pinnacle of strength sports. Pushing ones body to physical and mental limits of performance with equipment and tools not found in commercial gyms!

Multi discipline static events such as Deadlift, Viking press, Log press, Atlas stone loading will test your static strength, one off or for reps in the same spot with awkward kit. More moving events like Yoke, Farmers carries and loading medleys will test your strength, muscular endurance and cardio (Yes, Strongman has cardio in it, but there's no treadmill in sight!) will sort the wheat from the chaff and really help you find those limits you thought you had and then help you plough through them!


Strong Kids

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday: 1730-1830

Saturday: 1030-1130

Strong Kids is a new version of our popular junior lifting classes. Kids from 11-16 get coached in gym safety, etiquette and proper movement whilst getting stronger, more coordinated, learning movement and gaining self confidence and respect. 
The classes are a hybrid of everything we do at the barn, Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Strongman.



Tuesday & Thursday: 1630-1715

Our Scamps classes are for kids ages 5-10 to come and play, have fun and learn to lift safely whilst making new fiends too! 
These sessions are 45 minutes and focus on skill development, coordination, speed, strength, flexibility and more to help your little scamp grow and develop!


Open Gym

Open gym is for anyone who wants to come and train outside of coached sessions! check our diary on the sign up page for more details.