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Now let's get back to the three concepts: price, cost, and value. The price, at first glance, for a large apartment and a private house seems the same. But the cost of maintaining an apartment and a house is already different. Plus, the house is constantly adding new amounts to its value, which are taken by minor repairs to the facade, porch, and so on. In an apartment building, such costs are included in utility bills

But the advantage of a private house is the presence of its own land, which, as we already know from the legal properties of real estate described in the first part, signals a more reliable legal status.

Let me give you a conversation with one of my friends. I hope it will be a good lesson for many readers, and some - I have no doubt - will recognize themselves in this conversation:

How did you get the idea to start building a house? How was the location chosen for the purchase of the plot? What size was the lot?


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