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Arkady's throat was dry, and, Another regular, a young man named Sergei, was nicknamed Soroka. Having learned about the opening of a new institution, Soroka hurried to migrate to the Sovereign, hoping to profit from inexperienced croupiers

One of his “chips” was card fraud. Not with gambling, in the casino they did not give him the opportunity to show his tricks. He always had a deck in his pocket and, showing off, showed the girls-dealers how the right card "creeps out" from the sleeve. He was not a passive spectator, he played, but little by little, every time he came to the casino, and cursed magnificently. Moreover, in such words, which many did not even know before.

Like any infection, these words were picked up and spread, firmly entered the vocabulary of those who heard them once.

Lesha Snickers, a lanky youth of about twenty, "settled" in the "Sovereign" and thus earned a living.

A funny nickname given by one of the players has firmly stuck to him. He sat down to the guests of the casino and gave advice on how to act in a given situation. He empathized, rejoiced when the casino lost. As a thank you, I received some crumbs. Something under $50.


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