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My first Weightlifting competition! (In a while!)

65kg Snatch, first lift

So, Saturday 6th April 2019 witnessed me donning the spandex for the first time in more years than I care to admit...

And shit did it feel good to be back!!

I competed at the Ethos Weightlifting Open in Maidenhead alongside 7 other competitors in my heat from 89kg to 109+kg (Guess who was the token fat lad!). The day ran smoothly from start to finish, weigh in was at 10:00 and our heat was due to lift at 15:00, which gave the lighter lads a chance to re feed after making weight, a luxury I, as a lump, don't get to indulge. Being in the 109kg+ category basically means I need to be heavier than 109kg, I just about managed this by weighing in at 133.1kg (Close eh!) It is at this time you declare your openers (Weight of first Snatch and Clean & Jerk) I went in light following a recent shoulder injury and opted for 65kg Snatch & 85kg Clean & Jerk.

The 8 lifters in my heat

Anyway, after the weigh in, I pottered about my day doing some errands as the comp was so local to home it seemed a wast of a day not too! Then made my way back fo 13:30 to see a couple of friends of mine compete in the Womens 64kg - 87kg+ heat (They smashed it! Well done Kundi and Liz xx ) the got myself warmed up for my heat...

The singlet goes on!

The singlet seems to be the most terrifying prospect for all new lifters, it is for want of a better way of putting it, a spandex bodysuit which leaves very little to the imagination! The bonus of this is once you're in it you realise that everyone else is as uncomfortable as you, which somehow makes everyone more comfortable... The warm up area was fun, everyone was supportive of each other and shared bars happily, some lads there didn't have coaches with them and the others jumped in to help with tweaks and advice that could help them through the competition.

Looking at the board (list of athletes where scores and lifts are logged) I saw I was 3rd on the platform, the competition is what's known as a 'rising bar' meaning that as the competition progresses, weight is added to the bar and the athletes are called out as their selected weight is loaded to the bar. I finished my warm up with a convincing 62.5kg Snatch and headed out to the platform. The following monologue is what went through my head:

"Don't fuck up your first lift"

"It's only 65kg, you do this for 5!"

"This singlet is suprisingly comfortable"

"Fist bump the loader, he looks lucky"

"Don't look up"

"Shit! Why'd you look up? There's a lot of people"

"Right, set up on the bar"

-------- blank -------

"Smashed it! Next lift"

And that was about the sum of each lift! The blank bit in the middle is a kind of auto pilot where you lift the bar and nothing else exists, it's almost peaceful! Then the 'down buzzer' happens and you're snapped out of the trance like state you've been put in and it's onto the next one following 3 (Hopefully) white lights to signal a good lift.

Being presented with Gold by Emma Suckling (English Masters champion)

The rest of the competition went by fairly quickly and before I knew it I was on the podium with my fellow lifters receiving a medal, which is always nice!

I must say at this point that I give huge credit to everyone at Ethos Weightlifting for the day, it ran smooth as you like, the venue was incredibly well set up and the timings were immaculate. there were ample volunteers running around the place should you have any questions and everyone was professional.

I very much look forward to the next one and to taking my guys to Oldbury next month!

Until next time 🏋🏻‍♂️

Charlie x

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