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Month 1 of Red Beard and my 'why'

So as January finishes, so does our first month at the barn, and what a month it has been!!

Firstly, I'd like to say a very humble and sincere thank you to everyone who helped get us here, from those who helped paint the place and get it ready, to our new members who have put there trust in me to coach them through this ridiculous sport that we love so much and everyone in between, thank you.

Everyone who has come to the club and joined have been a total beginner to Olympic Lifting, which has been amazing! The progression in just 1 month from all of our lifters has been notable and I'm immensely proud to have been able to help with that progression, even to the point where some of our members are talking about competitions already and looking to getting national ranking!!

We launched our kids lifting classes and have some amazing young athletes developing as lifters with bright futures.

Our senior platform is never dull, always buzzing with laughter from new friendships formed, loud support for PB lifts and 'penny drop' moments and great banter when things don't go quite as planned with a lift!

My vision for Red Beard Barbell is to create a club, a family of friends who get together to lift bars and get stronger, fitter, more flexible, have a bit of a sweat and go home smiling, That is exactly what has started to build at the barn!

I'll leave this post there, short and sweet, I just wanted to put down something as a thank you to everyone for their role large or small in making this 'thing' happen, you all know who you are!

Which only leaves me to say, if you've been watching us from the sidelines, get off your butt and come pick up a bar, you never know, you might enjoy it!

All the best


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