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My first Weightlifting competition! (In a while!)

So, Saturday 6th April 2019 witnessed me donning the spandex for the first time in more years than I care to admit... And shit did it feel good to be back!! I competed at the Ethos Weightlifting Open in Maidenhead alongside 7 other competitors in my heat from 89kg to 109+kg (Guess who was the token fat lad!). The day ran smoothly from start to finish, weigh in was at 10:00 and our heat was due to lift at 15:00, which gave the lighter lads a chance to re feed after making weight, a luxury I, as a lump, don't get to indulge. Being in the 109kg+ category basically means I need to be heavier than 109kg, I just about managed this by weighing in at 133.1kg (Close eh!) It is at this time you declar





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